Our Story

The Crackling Candle Company is owned & managed by me Chloe and my other half Matt. You may have seen us around at markets or shows but here's a little bit more about us and how it all began.

We are a boutique business based in the Heart of Worcestershire creating and hand pouring our crackling wick soy wax candles and reed diffusers.

Our USP is the crackling wicks in our candles and the sleek black product design, offering something different for the perfect gift appealing to both the Male and Female buyer.

The design runs from the black cardboard packaging right through to the matt black candle jars and reed diffuser bottles. The premium black packaging is eye catching and different.

Our products are found in retail outlets across the UK, Europe and America. We have supplied our products to corporate events of the most well known brands in the UK and featured in numerous publications. 

The Crackling Candle Company was born amongst the madness of the pandemic in 2019. As a nurse the prospects of what was happening throughout this time was overwhelming so finding an escapism was paramount for me to get through the challenges of my working day.

Having a passion for home fragrance and those all-important moments of self care led me to start candle making in my kitchen in between shifts.

I find crackling candles the most relaxing so building our business was based around this.

Before we knew it what had started as a way of distracting myself in our kitchen, had led to a business with the help and support of our amazing customers.

We have now moved into our own unit space whilst also developing our product range. All of our products are made by me in this space. 

We are so grateful for all of your continued support,

Thank you so much,

Much love

Chloe & Matt